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Group Insurance Applicants for Different Categories of the Insured

According to Article 15 of the National Health Insurance Act, group insurance applicants for different categories of the insured are as follows:


To become a group insurance applicant

  1. Apply online
  1. A firm, trade name, or foreign labor employer may become a group insurance applicant through the Administration’s online service and handle first-time insurance applications for its staff.
  2. A firm or trade name can simultaneously register its establishment and become a National Health Insurance group applicant through the One-stop Online Service, and the firm or trade can also simultaneously handle initial insurance application for staff. Those yet to hire employees cannot apply online.
  3. Once the National Health Insurance group applicant is established through online application, the Ministry of Economic Affairs will transmit the approved materials directly to the National Health Insurance Administration (NHIA); the applicant need not enclose the photocopies of related supporting documents. The number of working days needed is reduced to one and the processing status of the case can be found directly on the website.
  4. Once a group insurance applicant is in place, to enroll or to withdraw from the program, to make any change, or to make inquiries online in the future, the Business Certificate (or the registered NHI IC Card of the person in charge) and the Natural Person Certificate (or the registered NHI IC Card of the handling person) are required to become registered in the Multiple Certificate Online Underwriting System, through the website of the National Health Insurance Administration (NHIA).


  1. Apply in writing

To declare the establishment of a group insurance applicant, the Group Insurance Applicant Establishment Declaration Form and the Coverage Declaration Form for the Insured, one copy each, shall be completed. Other than for government agencies, public schools, farm irrigation associations, and state-run enterprises, all applicants shall enclose photocopies of relevant supporting documents listed below and a photocopy of the National ID of the person in charge, one copy each, in their submission to the district's NHIA business section to complete the insurance process:


Related supporting documents:

  1. Factory Registration Certificate, for a manufacturing facility.
  2. Mine Registration Certificate, for a mining facility.
  3. Registration Certificate, for a saltern, farm, pasture, timberland, or tea plantation.
  4. Transportation License or related supporting documents, for a transport-related business.
  5. Business License or related supporting documents, for a private or public enterprise.
  6. Company registration supporting documents or business registration supporting documents, for firms and trade names.
  7. Registration supporting documents, for private schools, news businesses, cultural businesses, public interest businesses, partnerships, and private organizations in, e.g., agriculture or fishery.
  8. Employment Contract or supporting documents, for employers specified in Article 10, Paragraph 1, Subparagraph 1, Item 3 of the National Health Insurance Act.
  9. Approval or registration supporting documents issued by the competent authority, for businesses that are not covered in Sub-paragraph 1 to the preceding sub-paragraph.

※It takes around five working days to process the written application of a new enterprise wishing to become a group insurance applicant for National Health Insurance. For questions, please contact the business section in your area directly.