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Stay Safe and Healthy: Online NHI Services in the time of COVID-19

  In response to the severe COVID-19 pandemic, counter services shall be avoided as much as possible. The National Health Insurance Administration provides multiple and convenient online services to reduce in-person contacts and the risk of being infected. Individuals and group insurance applicants are encouraged to use the Internet and ‘NHI APP’ to apply for services as indicated below. 

 1.Group insurance applicants: group insurance applicants shall use ‘e-service underwriting operations’ to file NHI applications, apply for NHI cards, inquire enrollment information and pay premiums online for their employees and family dependents.

2.Individuals: on the e-Counter of the NHI APP, everyone can apply for an NHI card, enrollment, a withdrawal and a suspension of NHI for the Category 6 insured.  People can also check unpaid premiums, and pay premiums on the e-Counter. For those who have lost their NHI cards and cannot complete device authentication, family members who are insured in the same NHI account can apply on their behalf. 

  The National Health Insurance Administration also encourages the public to make use of the NHI website and the e-Counter of the NHI APP during the COVID-19 pandemic, making NHI services accessible anytime and anywhere. In addition, those who have applied for a card replacement but not received yet, they can have NHI medical services with the receipt for application and their ID and filling out the NHI exceptional access to medical care form at the contracted healthcare provider. Meanwhile, all of enrollment-related changes can be retrospectively processed, and people’s rights will be ensured. There is no need to rush into counter for in-person services. If you have any questions for related procedures, please refer to the NHIA's website. 

  • Date:2021-05-21