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The International Hospital Federation Recognizes NHI’s strategy as a Model to Fight Pandemic

 The International Hospital Federation (IHF), the largest and also one of the most globally respected non-profit organizations among partner organizations of the World Health Organization (WHO) issued a special report of outstanding cases Building the 'New Normal': Harnessing transformative practices from the COVID-19 pandemic. The IHF’s Taskforce of this report has selected bench-learning cases for pandemic prevention. The National Health Insurance Administration (NHIA) put travel history, designated occupations, contact history, and cluster history (TOCC) on the NHI MediCloud to establish an alarm for protecting medical professionals. The NHI MediCloud is one of the five global outstanding cases selected in the report.

 Dr. Po-Chang Lee, NHIA Director General, stated that during the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak in 2020, the NHIA demonstrated its organizational resilience, optimized the functions of the NHI MediCloud System, and developed a real-time alarm system for tracking TOCC of people while seeking medical attentions. Furthermore, through the application of digital technologies, the NHIA successfully contained the spread of the virus. The IHF's recognition shows that Taiwan's achievement in combating the pandemic has been recognized by the international community, making Taiwan a global role model. This honor not only belongs to Taiwan's medical professionals, but a solid proof for the campaign of Taiwan participating in the World Health Organization.

  • Date:2020-12-25