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NHI IC Card Tips

I.  When a resident suspends National Health Insurance (NHI)due to an extended stay overseas, or a foreigner leaves Taiwan permanently, should the NHI IC Card be returned?
A.: The NHI IC Card does not need to be returned when an insured person suspends or withdraws from the National Health Insurance.  But the holder must take careful care of the card and no longer use it.  In the future, if the cardholder rejoins or resumes NHI coverage, the coverage card can be reinstated for use after completion of necessary procedures.

II. What should I do if my NHI IC Card is lost or damaged, or I need to change my name or photo? 
A.: Please fill in the “NHI IC Card Application Form” available at your nearest branch offices of Bureau of National Health Insurance or post office. Attach a copy of your identification card on the reverse side.  Present completed form to the service personnel.  You will need to pay a new card production fee of NT$200.  If you choose to include your photo on your NHI IC Card, you will need to submit a 2” color or black white full-face photo.  Hats and tinted eyeglasses are not permitted.  With a photo NHI IC Card, you will no longer need to present a second photo ID when seeking medical care using NHI coverage.

III. If I lose my NHI IC Card and get a replacement, and then later find my lost card, what should I do?
A.: Your original NHI IC Card was automatically cancelled when you applied for a new one.  Therefore, your original card is no longer valid, and should be discarded.

IV. How should I care for the NHI IC Card?
A.: To avoid damaging the chip inside the card, do not bend the NHI IC Card, and refrain from placing it in any hot, humid or magnetic location or any location close to metallic items.

V.  How long does the NHI IC Card remain valid?  Does it need to be renewed?
A.: A single NHI IC Card can be used 5~7 years without replacement.  However, you will need to update your card in the following situations:

(I) Zero medical treatment credits:
   An NHI IC Card contains six credits for medical treatments.  One credit will be deducted from the card each you use it to seek medical care.  When you have no more credits on the card, then you will no longer be able to use it for medical care.  You will first need to update your card at any NHI IC Card reader, at which time you will receive six new credits.

(II) The NHI IC Card is about to expire:
The NHI IC Card remains valid until the cardholder’s next birthday.  You may have your NHI IC Card updated at any NHI IC Card reader within 30 days prior to your birthday.

 (III) Change of Insured status:
     You must have your NHI IC Card updated if you change your status to a low-income household member or a jobless veteran to reflect the change in your insured status.

※ Note: You cannot update your NHI IC Card if your insurance coverage has lapsed, or your premium payment is overdue.

VI.  Where can I get my NHI IC Card updated?
A.:  (I) At any hospital or clinic when seeking medical treatment.
(II)You can get your NHI IC Card updated at any Public Information Service Station located at branch offices, liaison offices and joint clinic centers of the Bureau of National Health Insurance; or at any NHI IC Card reader installed at local (township, city, district) government offices.  

NHI IC Card Consultation Hot-line:   0800-030598    

  • Date:2007-03-14