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Setting a Paradigm for Combating Pandemic: The NHIA Won the 3rd Government Service Award by Big Data and Digital Technology

 The National Health Insurance Administration (NHIA) of the Ministry of Health and Welfare was bestowed with the Value-added Digital Innovation Award in the 3rd Government Service Awards, by its 2020 project titled "Interdisciplinary Cooperation Using the NHI Big Data Established a New Model for Epidemic Prevention." This achievement demonstrates the NHIA's contributions to the wellbeing of all Taiwan’s people by advancing strategies using digital technologies.

 During the pandemic, the NHIA has heightened the functions of the NHI MediCloud System and adopted digital technology in order to help medical professionals obtain travel and contact history in real time while people seek medical attentions. Meanwhile, the NHIA made use of the NHI information system to fairly distribute masks by real-name registration, preventing hoarding masks. The NHIA also partnered with Taiwan's researchers to develop an AI-assisted diagnostic model that can rapidly identify any signs of COVID-19 after reading chest X-ray images, which can serve as reference for doctors for further evaluations. The application of NHI Big Data to control the spread of the pandemic are far beyond our imagination.

 According to Dr. Po-Chang Lee, Director General of the NHIA, based on the premise of data security and patients' privacy, the NHIA integrated medical data from different agencies and institutions to medical images on the NHI MediCloud. Medical professionals can enter the NHI MediCloud to access patients' medical information, such as medication records, examination and test records, and images (e.g., CT images, x-rays, and ultrasound images), in order to enhance medical and drug safety. The public can access their own medical data on My Health Bank, where people can exercise their right to their personal health information.

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Photo of Director General Po-Chang Lee and Premier Su Tseng-Chang of the Executive Yuan (left).


  • Date:2020-12-17