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NHI Heightens Special Healthcare Program for Dental Health

Aiming to expand dental and oral healthcare for special groups, the NHIA has planned a variety of NHI-covered items for dental calculus removal. In addition to the general public being covered for two dental cleanings per year, pregnant women, patients with diabetes, xerostomia, or with high-risk diseases such as cerebrovascular diseases, kidney dialysis, and malignant tumors are covered for dental calculus removal once every three months. The NHIA has included plaque detection (using a display agent on the teeth to show the patient the place where plaque tends to accumulate and need extra cleaning) and removal and maintenance guidance. Expecting mothers are also covered for education on newborn oral healthcare and hygiene in order to protect infant oral health in advance. The public are also encouraged to download the NHI APP and log in to My Health Bank to view their medical records for the most recent three months. The app also provides helpful reminders when users are due for a dental cleaning, making oral health management easier than ever.

In addition to dental calculus removal, people troubled by tooth decay may also be eligible, depending on evaluation by a dentist, for fluoride varnish treatment for frequent tooth decay. The treatment can reduce the frequency of root cavities and extend the useful life of teeth. The WHO submitted its "8020 better oral health for older people” plan in hopes of helping people retain 20 well-functioning teeth at least until the age of 80.

  • Date:2022-11-22