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Best Digital Tool for Government Services - My Health Bank Exceeds 10 Million Users

The NHIA’s My Health Bank exceeded 10 million users on June 29, 2022, meaning more than 40% of the people in Taiwan are now using the My Health Bank for self-health management.

Back in 2016, when My Health Bank had just 330,000 users, the platform was aimed at cardless identification and continual improvements. In May 2018, overcoming major technical bottlenecks, it incorporated the mobile identification services from the five major telecoms in Taiwan. Then, a year later in May 2019, it added the family management function. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, My Health Bank, with its flexible "online name-based system" feature, became the preferred entry-point for making pre-orders on the real-name mask system 2.0. Also, on September 8 of the same year, the number of users exceeded 5 million.

The NHIA said that My Health Bank, which went online in September 2014, was built with the aim of being an inclusive self-health platform. With the increasing popularization of mobile devices, the NHI App incorporated the services of My Health Bank in 2015. The app was renamed NHI App/My Health Bank (NHI App for short) in May 2020 to make it easier for people to find and install the app. The number of downloads reached 19.94 million on June 25, 2022.

In accordance with the policies of the Central Epidemic Command Center, My Health Bank presents the real-name purchase records of masks, COVID-19 rapid antigen tests and provides results of COVID-19 vaccination/virus test results, making it the best digital tool for visualizing vaccination records and quickly checking PCR test results. Users can also use the technology to aid in the fight against the pandemic by connecting to the CDC's "COVID-19 Case Reporting System" to fill in investigations and apply for a digital COVID-19 certificate.

Using My Health Bank, users can keep track of their own medical information, medication, and various tests and exams. Through the "family management" function, they can understand the health information of elders and children, making My Health Bank a health platform for the entire family. Meanwhile, medical overview section helps users view their medical histories for the past 3 years, which include medical visits, medical expense (in points), paid co-payments, and amounts of medical radiation. Users can also set filters to view certain aspects of their medical history and better understand their own health.

To widen the use of “My Health Bank", the NHIA developed the Software Development Kit (SDK) in May 2019. Through this data tool, third-party apps (such as: the apps of respective hospitals and other medical institutions) can interface with My Health Bank. After the user has rendered authorization and consent, the user can select their records of medical treatments, medications, and test results over a specific period in the My Health Bank, download the data, and provide it to a third-party app for use, allowing these popular apps for personal health management. As of June 21, 2022, 29 companies have launched 59 apps for public use.

Dr. Po-Chang Lee, Director General of the NHIA, pointed out that in the face of the pandemic, the public should continue to wear masks, maintain good hygiene, stay positive, and download the NHI App to complete identification, which is the best way to obtain COVID-19 Vaccination/Virus Test Results. If your mobile phone number is a monthly plan, you can use mobile phone authentication. If you use a prepaid card, a company number, or a relative or friend's number, then authenticate by mobile device code instead. To learn how, visit the NHIA website, then navigate to the topic area "Application for Login Method for Non-Personal Phone Number."

In addition, the NHIA refined its official Line account on January 12, 2022, and launched new Line functions to promote better digital NHI services. The NHIA will continue to make full use of NHI data, improve the My Health Bank system, and leverage technological innovation for health management.

  • Date:2022-07-18